NICA Membership Benefits

Credit Management is too vast and wide; it’s the mother of all other professions.

As we train people to become officially known as ‘’Credit Professionals’’, they are reminded of the requirements for ethical and professional issues this would bring to their jobs. Gaining the Institute’s direct membership is not the ultimate; there is a step further for mandatory enrolment by every member to further sharpen his/her credit management academic, professional skills, and specialist knowledge.

Following induction as either a Fellow (FICA), Member (MICA), or Associate (AICA) of the Institute by direct entry, the candidate immediately enrols for the NICA Member’s Mandatory Credit Management Academic Improvement Programme (MCMAIP) which has earlier been communicated in addition to the Institute’s website information.

On completion of the MCMAIP programme, our member’s knowledge of Credit Management would have become more extensive; they will also notice that their intellectualism and professionalism has become well informed in matters of credit management anywhere in the world.


  • Every month each member receives the highly authoritative and widely circulated – The Credit Manager magazine in hard copy or electronically.
  • Twice weekly, members receive the well – read and widely escalated Credit Economy newsletter of the Institute electronically.(we advise members share their mostly accessed email address)
  • Once every month members come together feel-free to rub minds on current, trending credit management, economy and finance, business management and entrepreneurship capacity development through webinar zoom room.
  • On a quarterly basis, the Board of Fellows of the Institute organize for members across board of the Institute ‘’Business Networking Forum’’ where members strictly tell each other what they do in business – Tell, Sell, Buy their products and services.
  • Every December, the Institute organizes ‘’Nigeria Credit Industry Awards’’ to honour, motivate and celebrate its members who have contributed to the profitability of their employer’s businesses during the year.
  • The Institute is the officially recognized best credit management training place as it runs multifaceted courses in Credit Management and Financial Administration.

Needless to emphasize that, CREDIT grows the economy more than cash, and it is also our considered opinion that anyone who has ever given, taken, or managed consumer credit, commercial credit, financial and political credit, cooperative and thrift societies, or any person who in the course of performing his or her duties in the past, present or future, and has influenced or is likely to influence the process of a business or economic policy drafting engagement which can or may lead to credit availability, credit accessibility, creditworthiness assessment and recovery, and credit risk management and negotiation; such a person is fit and proper to become a member of the National Institute of Credit Administration(NICA) – can be a Fellow, Member, or Associate of the Institute.

The beauty of Credit Management is in its expansive nature, as credit management transcends the financial services to include Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Construction, Health, Commerce, Power, Public Service, and many other industry segments.

NICA has not only become prestigious, but as some put it, an exclusive national body of eminent, accomplished, and influential personalities drawn from different public and private sector institutions of the economy, who are at the top of their career ladders, and in favour of a CREDIT ECONOMY. This definition as to who should be a member of a national body for credit management and administration is the broadest you can ever find anywhere in the world.

A Fellow (FICA) of the Institute is an automatic member of the Institute Board of Fellows (BOF). The principal activity of the BOF is essentially to assist, influence, and help governments and economic development policymakers with freshly sourced quarterly economic growth roadmap for the good of Nigeria.

Kindly share this with your friends and colleagues and refer them to join the Institute.

Thank you.

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