What is the essence of belonging to a professional body of experts? Many people prefer not to give less values to their time if the place they associate themselves with cannot make them feel good.

It is hearth warming to know that the Institute of Credit Administration under the management leadership of Nigeria’s respected Professor of Credit Management, Dr. Chris Onalo is going everywhere around the world to look for and bring back home international opportunities within the sphere of credit management profession and certification to its members. This is indeed a practical demonstrating evidence of creative and innovative thinking. Professor Chris Onalo, from all his activities and intellectual standards is much more than a typical Professor - heavily endowed with ability to combine academics with entrepreneurship. He is so vast in institutional engineering, opportunity creation, and internationalization of professional qualification in the field of credit management and financial analysis.

This is the reason why business chieftains, corporate directors and professionals are scrambling for the membership of the Institute of Credit Administration. There are huge opportunities for all categories of ICA members designed to direct their paths to the light of tomorrow. With this, members could think that money making without academics and professional qualification is actually a mismatch.

As technology becomes the driver of modern civilization, anyone without multiple qualifications and diversity of skills, knowledge and vocation is unapologetically an educated but un-learned person. A person is said to be educated because he or she has a university degree(s), but a person could be termed unlearned because he/she does not have credible postgraduate professional certification qualifications. This is not just an opinion, it’s a fact.

Progressively in recent time, the Institute of Credit Administration of Nigeria has brokered a deal with one of the UK’s popular institutions - London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) whereby an ICA member can now earn LPCMC’s prestigious CCFE or CCFA global certification in credit management and financial analysis having been exempted from examination of these qualifications recognised globally.

This is a jet age. Only those who choose to be nationally and internationally competitive will be relevant in the labour markets of employment, investment and entrepreneurship. There is no room for pessimists, procrastinators, doubters and risk avoiders. Professor Chris Onalo has done well and is still doing great for the Institute of Credit Administration. He is a profound nationalist and globalist… his type are not many, especially when you consider that the emergence of credit management profession in Nigeria is credited to him and him alone.

Sitting in the heart of leading professions of the world today is credit management …the field for those who brings in the receivable accounts arising from the sale of goods and services on credit terms in all sectors of an economy. No business, no government and no family anywhere in the world can do without credit managers, credit management directors, credit analysts, chief credit risk officers, just to mention but a few.

Those who are closed to the ICA institute are pretty much aware of the many other business and individual growth opportunities that ICA has created for the entire benefits of all its members. This is one Institute different from others.

Professor Chris Onalo, you are different in many good ways from others. Well done is what can be said to you sir. The strength of your wisdom comes from where it has always come from, and it will continue to come from that same source.

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