Membership is open to all those who give, take, and manage credit or have affinity with credit presently or in the past.

Why Your Organization Should Be A Corporate Member of the ICA

As Nigeria’s truly national body for credit management, all grantors of commercial, trade, consumer and financial credits as well as other credit management ancillary services providers are encouraged to file up for Corporate Membership of the prestigious Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Nigeria.

With strong corporate and individual membership growth, ICA has successfully become a world class credit institute, sitting comfortably with other renowned institutes for credit management around the world. Like other Institutes,  organization’s membership of ICA complements the effort of its management at building employees capacity to sustain best practices, sound skills development and robust ethical conduct in today’s trade, consumer and financial credit risk management, credit administration, credit analysis and business debt recovery.

Apart from this, ICA delivers the undermentioned benefits to all its Corporate Members:

  • Regular supply of copies of the Institute’s entrepreneurs’ delight monthly Magazine – The Credit Manager, which exposes credit workforce to current thinking in credit management, thus enhancing their job performance. There is also the benefit arising from the prestige of belonging to the nation’s influential body for credit management, which confirms and attests to employee’s professionalism in credit management.
  • There is a twenty percent (20%) discount on fee charged for participation in any of the Institute’s monthly seminars and annual conferences on credit management, credit administration and corporate debt recovery.
  • There is also another twenty percent (20%) discount on any advertisement placed by member organization in the Institute’s widely circulated official magazine – “The Credit Manager”.
  • The Institute gives priority consideration for nomination of person(s) into relevant committees of Council of the Institute by its Corporate Member.

The Institute of Credit Administration is really doing well as Nigeria’s truly national body for credit management, whose legal mandate is focused on people and organizations who are giving, taking and managing trade, financial and consumer credits in terms of developing employees’ capacity to manage and control credits, as well as institution of sound governance approach to credit management decisions process.

The Institute could not have achieved this without The Credit Manager, the Institute monthly flagship  magazine, followed by the proactive membership drive of it’s secretariat. Our regular and quality open and In-house training seminars on credit management ensure that credit management workforce in organizations across the country are better equipped for the discharge of their daily credit functions.

We wish to seize this opportunity to express our earnest anticipation of your organization becoming a Corporate Member of the Institute of Credit Administration, subject to payment of annual corporate member subscription payment of N850,000,00

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