If You Are Holding A Non-Social Science Degree

We are interested in your overall career growth hence we pledge to reshape your qualifications to suit our standardized and make it fit for what the labor market wants. This is also what our direct entry requirements depicts. For sure, you are a couple of steps towards being an Associate of our great institute just as you must have dreamt.


If You Are Holding A Non-Social Science Degree;
In order to meet the needs of the credit industry (labour market) in terms of competence, versatility, specialization, and employability, any person admitted by direct entry to the Associate grade of the Institute’s membership will not be immediately issued a substantive Associate Member Certificate if he/she is holding a bachelor degree in the discipline not related to accounting, finance and banking, economics, marketing, business administration, among other social science courses.

Instead, a “Provisional Associate Member Certificate” of the Institute will be issued to the candidate, meaning that the candidate is currently undergoing the Institute’s six months Mandatory Credit Management Academic Improvement Programme (MCMAIP) at the end of which a “Graduate Associate Member” qualification will be issued by the Institute to the student along with the “Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) certification which will be issued by the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM), ….. the teaching and examination body. With these specialist certifications and your own degree certificate, you are good to go for an exciting employment experience by the labour market anywhere.

The purpose of this route is to ensure that a non-social science bachelor degree holder is quickly assisted to improve his/her qualification for easy access to jobs in the business credit and financial industry both within and outside the country.
In effect, any holder of ICA’s “Provisional Associate Member Certificate” will only be inducted after the successful completion of the Institute’s MCMAIP. You are encouraged to give full participation to this programme which runs two Saturdays every month for six months live online(zoom) from 8.am to 2pm. The aim is to make our students well-grounded and be at par academically and professionally in credit management and financial analysis with their counterparts elsewhere and ready for the next role. The study fees for MCMAIP are quite low and payment plan flexible.

Either as an ICA Associate Member or Provisional Associate Member, for the time being, you are entitled to all privileges of membership, which includes receiving soft or hard copy of ICA monthly magazine – The Credit Manager from the Institute’s website (www.icanigeria.net). You will also be receiving regularly the Institute’s Newsletter – The Credit Economy via your personal email.

Right away after the induction, you have the full entitlement to use the professional qualification prefix “AICA” after your name, and also reflect same in your Curriculum Vitae.

If you send your current curriculum vitae and soft copies of all your certificates to this email [email protected], we will be happy to process your admission into the membership of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA).

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