Membership is open to all those who give, take, and manage credit or have affinity with credit presently or in the past.

NICA Board of Fellows And Credit Committee (BFCC)

This is another of the Institute’s Governing Council’s Think – Tank Committee, comprising of the great egg-heads, retired old-time credit industry gurus represented by different industries and Institutions who are also Fellows (FICA) of this great Institute.

BFCC takes a look at credit management as it was yesterday, today and then predict or foretell as to what it should be tomorrow for the benefit of the economy and everyone.

As credit management wise men and women, the BFCC beams its searchlight and thinking focus on micro and macro credit management regime in all sectors, ranging from trade and business credit, financial credit, consumer credit to politically induced credit arrangement programmes, and come up from time to time with suggested policy framework which can assist the relevant stakeholders in their respective industry to draft their own policy implementation programmes.

Membership of BFCC which is tenure tied, is voluntary, honorary and humanitarian.

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