Membership is open to all those who give, take, and manage credit or have affinity with credit presently or in the past.

How to Apply for ICA Membership?


Election to Fellow of ICA is considered one of the highest honors in the field of corporate governance aspect of credit management and recognizes individual who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and considerable initiative in fully or partially supporting the credit business process in the organization.

When considered, you will be one of the network of over 300 prominent ICA fellows (see the list) of the Institute who are currently occupying the positions of Managing Director/CEO, Executive Director, Director, General Manager and Deputy and Assistant General Managers in different operating units of business which relates to credit.

These days to find a credible Institute to join are hard to come by. Do you want to belong to an Institute which parades an array of top notch corporate managers and business decision makers in its membership so that you can make new career contacts and business connections; catch up with existing contacts that are already your friends or doing business with you? Looking at the ICA very well and its activities, it is clear that ICA is the right kind of Institute that someone like you should join as member at this time.

The Institute brings together its Fellows(FICA) to network with other categories of the Institute’s membership through regular event such as Credit Professionals Networking Luncheon, Mandatory Credit Management Specialist Conference, Nigerian Credit Industry Awards, just to mention but a few.

Election to the Institute of Credit Administration is an outstanding career achievement as it recognizes the excellence that the candidate exemplifies in corporate success.

ICA membership is open to top chief executive officers and their executive directors that drive the professionalism of those heading credit control portfolios and those that implements credit management operational processes domiciled in the various departments of their organizations. The categories of professional membership qualification of the Institute are Fellow (FICA), Member (MICA), and Associate (AICA).

Upon receiving your curriculum vitae (via our email: [email protected] and copy [email protected]) the Council’s Membership Screening Committee of the Institute shall in the first instance review it and then make recommendation to the Governing Council who may approve your election for the ICA revered qualification, subject to fulfilling direct entry and annual subscription Council approved fees.

ICA qualification once achieved becomes a signal mark of expertise in credit management, and shows that you belong to a group of elite professionals in credit management.

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