The National Institute of Credit Administration is committed to assisting every Fellow, Member, Associate and student of the institute and other friends, meeting their needs and addressing their concerns by offering easy-to-obtain, high-quality training for credit management academic improvement programmes, as well as business networking activities.

Here in NICA, professional skills development, intellectualization and globalization of credit management is the heart of the institute. We believe that a good knowledge, professional skill and certification are prerequisites for managing and controlling credit for success.

Is there anyone who has ever given, taken, or managed business credit, financial credit, political credit for economic empowerment, consumer credit, international credit, or any person who, in the course of performing his or her duties in the past or future has influenced or is likely to influence the business or economic policy drafting engagement which can or may lead to credit availability, credit accessibility, credit worthiness determination and mitigation? That person is fit and proper to become a member of the National Institute of Credit Administration. You can be a Fellow, Member, or Associate of the institute.

We believe strongly that your organization, your very self are amongst the critical stakeholders in the credit industry. It is expected that you will be part of NICA this year and beyond through collaborative partnership, capable of promoting and stimulating employees’ drive to acquiring knowledge, professional certification in order to successfully manage credit accounts.

Equally important to note is NICA’s determination to commence the process of constructing a super-classic corporate headquarters building which will serve, deliver national and global needs of NICA’s supervisory authority mandate, including regulation and standardization of credit management profession in Nigeria, as well as supporting credit business providers or grantors in the credit industry.