Membership is open to all those who give, take, and manage credit or have affinity with credit presently or in the past.

ICA Membership Benefits

The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) members enjoy the following benefits:

ICA National Membership
The pride, prestige and status of belonging to a national body of credit professionals and the ONLY Nigeria’s national professional body granting designation in Credit Management.

The Credit Manager
The ICA Journal published 12 times per year and available to all current members.

ICA Credit Management
Training Programmes
The Institute of Credit Administration provide opportunities for networking, educational programmes, seminars and social events. Earn valuable professional Development Skills by being involved.

Membership Roster
A comprehensive listing of current members of the Institute of Credit Administration by individual and company name.

Educating members on issues and legislation which affect credit professionals in Nigeria.

ICA National Conference
A conference is held every year in Nigeria providing an opportunity to further credit related skills, and network with industry peers.

ICA Professional Designations:
• FICA Fellow Member
• MICA Graduate Member
• AICA Associate Member

Credit Professional Employment Programmes
Members have the opportunity to change jobs based on request from employers