Personal Effectiveness and Productivity Enhancement

Objective: This seminar is specially designed to expose participants to the essential habits and skills required for improved productivity and recognition in their jobs.

Date: July 11th – 12th, 2018 Time: Prompt

Venue: 213, Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Training Fee Per Person:

  • N155, 000.00 


  1. Introduction
    • Meaning of  Effectiveness
    • Goals
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
  2. Models of Effectiveness
    • Character Theory
    • Personality Theory
    • Paradigms
    • Principles
  3. Factors That Drive Effectiveness
    • Proactivity vs Reactivity
    • Visionary
    • Effective Time Management
    • Think Win- Win
    • Effective Communication
    • Creative Cooperative
    • Renewal


  1. Managing Stress
    • Define “good” stress and “bad” stress and understand the causes of each.
    • Identify what causes stress for you, and practice managing your stress reactions
    • Learn and apply the Triple A approach to managing and reducing stress
    • Make a plan for reducing your stress
  2. Managing & Resolving Conflict
    • Understand what conflict is and why your ability to engage in effective conflict is so vital to your success.
    • Assess your own conflict style.
    • Learn about 5 common approaches to conflict and the pros and cons of each.
    • Understand common barriers to conflict and make a plan for overcoming those barriers.
    • Apply a simple process for resolving the most ingrained conflicts.
    • Prioritize your tasks, and take control of your schedule using the Chunk, Block and Tackle approach
    • Understand common barriers to effective time management and make a plan to overcome your barriers.
  3. Working On a Team
    • Learn about 3 types of teams and the challenges and opportunities of each
    • Understand different stages of team development and how to be an effective team player in every stage.
    • Learn about 5 elements of effective teamwork
    • Practice critical communication skills that support collaboration and problem-solving.
    • Learn critical self-awareness tools that will help you embrace change and move from habit to choice
    • Practice changing limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs
    • Make a plan for self-care and self- empowerment in the face of change

Intermediate Credit and Financial Analysis

Objective: This course is designed primarily to step up the knowledge and skills of new credit analysts and officers as they confront the task of determining credit worthiness and the financial health of customers.

Date: July 25th – 26th, 2018 Time: Prompt

Venue: 213, Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Training Fee Per Person:

  • N155, 000.00 

Course Synopsis:

Day 1:  

    1. Overview of Credit Analysis
      • Objectives
      • Credit Risk
      • Credit Analysis
      • Seven C’s of Credit
      • Credit Analysis Process
    2. Documentation
    3. Loan Pricing and Profitability Analysis
    4. Asset Classification and Loan Loss Provisioning
    5. Borrowing Causes, Sources of Repayment And Problem Loans Overview Basel 2 and 3
    6. Commercial Loan Analysis and Structuring Principles
    7. The Basel Accords
    8. Corporate Governance Structure

Day 2:

  1. Financial and Non-Financial Analysis
    • Review and Analysis- Nigeria’s 2017 National Budget, Opportunities, Threats
    • Estimating the external financing requirement
    • Appraising the use of Ratios
    • Ratio Analysis (Liquidity Ratios, Turnover Ratios, Profitability Ratios, Leverage Ratios, Market Ratios)
    • Management Analysis
    • Economic Analysis
    • Industry Comparative Analysis
    • Business Analysis

Note: The above courses are available in both in-plant and open course arrangements.

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